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Tippy is one of Hello Kity's many friends along with Tracey, Joey, Fifi and Mimmy. He appears as a brown furred bear with a white muzzle, wearing a green shirt, red trousers and blue waistcoat.

He is a strong, kind hearted bear who likes to help people, and also has a crush on Hello Kitty; wishing to be her boyfriend.

His hobbies and interests include trains and swings.

He especially likes to eat strawberry shortcake, but does not like bell peppers or onions.

Appearances -[]

HKO NPC Tippy013.jpg

Hello Kitty Online (HKO)[]

In 2008, Tippy could be found in Hello Kitty Online (HKO) in West Sun Land. He is not far from Paris.

When you encountered him he needed a few things, including his mail.

Quotes: "Oh...I miss Kitty. I hope she will wake up soon from this unnatural slumber."

Hello Kitty World (Famicom)[]

NES--Hello Kitty World Apr16 14 51 32.png

In the flying platform game Hello Kitty World, Hello Kitty had to clear 8 stages in order to rescue Tippy.