Full Name

Kurousa (Ku-ro-u-sa)

Japanese Written Name


Name Meaning

Black Bunny


Friday, May 26th

Voiced by

Akiki Kimura


Making sweets



Kurousa's name means 'black bunny' and he is part of the Sugarbunnies universe. He was created with his twin brother Shirousa in 2004. He resembles a Brown Bear.

Personal Biography Edit

Kurousa is described on his official Sanrio page as being nice, but lazy. He is the younger twin sibling and always worries about his brother. He loves to make cakes with his twin brother and they are both pâtissier who specialize in cakes and pastries.

Kurousa and Shirousa are always full of energy. Their favourite sweet foods include fruit and cream cakes among other foods.

Appearances Edit

Sugarbunnies (TV Series) Edit

Kurousa and Shirousa befriended Sophia when he and his friends are transported to the human world. They assist her in helping her to bake because she doesn't know how. His catchphrase is "We'll surely succeed" (きっとうまくいくよ Kitto umaku iku yo), like his twin brother.

Gallery Edit

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