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Joey is one of Hello Kitty's many school friends, and her closest class mate. He is also friends with Mimmy, Tippy, Tracey and Fifi. He appears as a small blue mouse with a red nose a navy blue waistcoat.

Joey is very athletic and good at sports, especially on the track. He has won many medals for being a fast runner, and is unbeatable at playing tag!

His personality is described as intelligent and charming, making him a popular student in school. He is humorous, and a good friend to everyone. Although he can be a little careless at times, he is a great friend to everyone.

He also has a girlfriend called Judy, another mouse who is just as active as he is!


Fun Facts[]

  • Joey was featured in a range of OPI nail lacquers, his colour named 'My Pal Joey' with the caption 'this true blue is always there for you'