Alex is a Scottish Fold male cat, who’s power is Possibility. He was partners with Nobara Kitajima.

Alex‘s Jewel Charm is more of egg-shaped, it has clearly limet color. On the front there’s a big strawberry red gem shaped into a leaf. On the top there is something like a bookcase, and on the front there is a white book kind of getting outside of the Jewel Charm. Down there are orange glasses tied on the Jewel Charm. Around the leaf there are two small gems of the same color. A white line ties the two gems and the big leaf- shaped gem together.

Alex was a minor villain along with Dian’s party. He is then fully recovered, and good again. He is also very smart.

Alex‘s ears are dropping down, because he’s a Scottish Fold. His ears, tail and mark on his forehead are hazelnut brown. His paws, muzzle and chest are covered with white fur. His body is light limet. His eyes are strawberry red, and he has black tiny glasses on them. He wears a brown colar with red gem shaped like spade.